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Senior Project Topic Discussion January 3, 2008

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What Senior Project topics interest you right now?  Why might these be good topics?  Why do these topics interest you? 

Tell about two or three topics that might lead to a good paper and a good project. 


32 Responses to “Senior Project Topic Discussion”

  1. Victoria W Says:

    The topics that interest me are all in child care. The first of which is
    Quality vs. Quanity. The second is Child care close to home. And lastly, would parents want to be left at the facility they chose for there kids.

    Quality vs. Quanity. There are so many facilities with the maximum amount of kids but workers who just want a job and do not truly care, or give the highest quality care, that they could.

    Child care close to home- Through the source of a Wayne County Child Care representative stated,” If I had my way not one facility in Wayne County would be open.” That is really scary, and I do not even have kids.

    So often parents base the daycare off of convience or price, which is not always a bad thing. But, parents should take at least tours of the facility( unplanned) and exam thoroughly. They need to ask themselves three questions: 1. Is price an option when your child is recieving quality care. 2. Would you as a parent want to be left there as a child? 3. Is the daycare going to provide low staff to child ratio, nutritional meals, quality learning enviroment, and is the facility a properly licensed and legal facility.

  2. hargraves Says:


    This is an excellent post! I can see that you are passionate about the topic of child care–this topic could lead to an excellent research paper and project. I can see that you will need to include some personal interviews as resources for your paper.

    Good job! Start thinking about the sort of project you will do–maybe a survey? Or maybe the children’s book or toy?

  3. Danielle Says:

    The two topics that interest me the most are, Vampirism and/or the Zodics. For the Vampire thing, I was hoping to do a Fact Vs. Faction type thing or for the Zodic, maybe doing the History of the Zodic.

    For me, these topics are something that I am very passionate about. I learn about these topics on my own for hobby type reasons.

    Once, I watched a movie called Interview With A Vampire, and at once I was hooked. I had to do research and learn more about them. I learned what was real and what was not. I know enough to get by, but I can’t split hairs.

    The Zodic is something that I believe in as a spiritual finding. I follow it and base my life around it. Some people make the mistake of taking their readings literally; messing up the balance.

  4. hargraves Says:

    Hi Danielle–

    I appreciate your orginality! I love both of these topics–they are both extremely “do-able.” We’ll see where your research takes you, okay?!

  5. Justin Says:

    Fashion and diversity; these are two topics that I feel very passionate about.

    As far as the fashion thing goes, I think I woud like to take it from the angle of ‘Changes in fashion from past to present’ or something like that. An idea that would cover the changes over time.

    And for the diversity topic, I was thinking doing it from the angle of the workplace. ‘Diveristy and how it’s acceptance is growing the workplace’ or maybe a different idea that could include more of society in general.

    Since I feel so passionately about both of these topics, I think I could really do an amazing job with my senior project researching one of these ideas.

  6. hargraves Says:


    The fashion topic would have to be narrowed considerably–you have to be as specific as possible. You could focus on one aspect of fashion (the skirt, for example) over time… or you could focus on fashion in general in a particular time period.

    The diversity topic could go in all sorts of directions. You could study “policy” versus “practice”– this could lead to a research survey of a large group of people. There are several aspects you could consider–ageism, sexism, racism, etc. You might need to narrow your focus to one aspect.

    Good work! I love both of these topics. I think you might get more mileage with the second topic, however.

  7. Rainey T Says:



  8. D.HiNES Says:

    I’m not really sure what i want to do for my senior project but i know i want to but some ideas i have are something to do with fashion because i think its FUN.
    BUT I guess i should do somethin that has to do with one of my passions or maybe my future profession. I love talking to people, meeting new people, shopping, && i dont know what else.. I’m not sure what profession i want to end up in but some things that i’m interested in are law, media journalism, and maybe a pilot in the Air Force. I dont really know what interest me enough so that i would be happy to do it and discuss it for over 3 months.

    There are alot of history topics that i’m interested in but i tend to go for the “odd” or “unusual” In history because i think its interesting. I guess its enigmatic-ness((Is that a word)) is better than doing something boring. I think if it interest me that it probably interest some else. 😀

  9. hargraves Says:

    Good posts, Rainey and Daphne! Both of you have some interesting ideas for topics. An afternoon browsing in the library might give some more definitive ideas.

    I like the second topic best, Rainey–it’s more specific. It’s also an interesting topic that’s a little off the beaten path.

    Daphne, there’s all sorts of things you could do with history phenomena–especially if you want to do something local. North Carolina has a rich “ghost” tradition, for example.

  10. sandrataylor18 Says:

    Wow, all you guys have good ideas….I really have absolutely no idea what I want to do for my project…I know a lot about animals and businesses, but I can’t think of something really good for my project. I like to do a lot of things like cooking, photography, working with animals, and traveling. But everytime I start to pick a topic I can’t think of something that will go just right with it…I have been researching what other students have done and have seen examples and I think that I will be able to pick something soon. I just need to sit down with someone and brainstorm some ideas.

  11. Bianca Says:

    For my senior project I have been thinking about alot of different things. At first i wanted to concentrate on something like how the spanish language evolved in Spain into the many different types of spanish. But i couldnt think of a project to go along with that, so i thought maybe I would do mine on the different dances of the hispanic race. Im still not sure. I wanted to do something with historical significance because that is what i am interested in and it is what Im studying in college.

  12. hargraves Says:

    Sandra–for now, pick a topic that interests you, and don’t worry about the project. We’ll figure that out later. Most topics lead to good projects (for some reason, this excludes psychology topics, however).

    Bianca–I’d love to see you do something with Latino language or culture. The dances sound wonderful–alternatively, it would be great to see you learn the rudiments of another closely related language (such as French, Portuguese, or Italian)… you do want to be a linguist–right? Just an idea!

  13. AMELIA B! Says:



  14. George Says:

    I would like to write a paper on how technologly is advancing in the common world today. Every where you look new technologly is appearing and making its place in society.

    Or I would like to do a project on drug laws and how they got that way. I think that its interesting how certian drugs have been outlawed overtime and yet the government still adversitises their use.

  15. Amanda Hodge Says:

    I have no idea what would be an actual good idea for the English project but I know that I like things like fashion and history. My problem is narrowing everything down to one actual subject I could do for the project.

  16. Alysha D Says:

    The only topic that comes to my mind that I’d like to do my project on is about how Rock and Roll has influenced America and its people since the birth of it. I love almost every era of rock music and am really intrested in doing research on the history of Rock and Roll and most of its controversy.

  17. Kelsey Says:

    For my senior project i really want to do something with photojournalism. I want to get a job
    ‘when i grow up’ with Time magzine or someone where we go to third world countries where there is not much of anything but poverty. I want to take photos that show Americans that not everyone has the advantages and technology we have. I’m not to sure how i’m going to do my paper or project. Maybe study other photojournalist? Not really sure.

  18. Misha Says:

    my mind is scattered around right now. I am into animals and bodypiercing. I love taking pictures and i love kids. i want to be a 3rd grade school teacher. So im not sure what i want to do!!!

  19. hargraves Says:

    Most of you came up with good project ideas. For those of you who are stuck–we’re going to the library on Friday to browse… you should have some ideas by then.

  20. D.Hines Says:

    I just thought about It
    I dont have any real idea on what I want to do for my senior project. I cannot think of any topics or subjects that i would or could be continually interested in for the rest of the semester.

    D0 you think since I’m interested in becoming a political reporter or something along the lines of reporting I should do that?

  21. meta Says:

    k! so I have a couple of topics I could do its just the narrowing it down part that is difficult. I like fashion so maybe doing a fashion show would be ok? But then, I love to help people(i.e. the homeless,kids with special needs) but I don’t know where I could get started from that. I’m lost!

  22. Kaneshia Says:

    I have a focus on my Senior Project just not a specific topic. I know it definately has to do with the human body. i had one idea but I think it might be too broad, but my initial idea was the effects of cigarrettes on the internal organs of the human body. I remember from my junior year my teacher told us the our topics had to be very focused so that we don’t trail off into things similar or associated with our topic. i want to focus on the entire body rather than just the information everyone already knows about the lungs. Any advice Ms. Hargraves?

  23. Becca Says:

    hi, i’m a senior this year and i want to do my senior project on animals in some way my favroite animals are horses, but i haven’t had that much expreience with them. i would also like to work with wild animals or something like that. do u have any suggestions for what i should do?

  24. Jack Hunter Says:

    for my topic Idea, I want to give the history of Crimes and capital punichment. For my senior project, I have to make a product. Any ideas what my product should be about?

  25. Emily Says:

    I want to do my senior project on fashion. I’m planning on making a prom dress. But what could I use for my argument or question for my research paper? Any ideas?

    • hargraves Says:

      You could write a paper about the skirt and how it has reflected history. How have changes in the skirt reflected historical events? Focus on the shortening of the skirt as well as women beginning to wear pants.

  26. Emily Says:

    That would be a good one, but I can’t write any papers about the “history of” anything. And it also can’t be an information research paper. It’s supposed to have a “question” and be an argumentative research paper.

  27. hargraves Says:

    You can easily get an argumentative paper out of this topic, Emily. Just ask a “how” or “why” question about some aspect of your topic and answer that question in your paper.

  28. Ally Says:

    Hi I found this in a search engine and I thought maybe you could help me. I have to do the senior project next year (I am only a junior) and I am interested in doing a project dealing with childcare because i enjoy being around young children, but I am having trouble with thinking of a project that would incorporate what I like to do and something that I could create an eight page paper with.

    • hargraves Says:

      You need to begin your research by asking a very specific “how” or “why” question about some aspect of child care. Try browsing through some resources on child care and doing some general reading first. Then start asking questions. Your teacher should be able to help you narrow your topic more.

      As for your project, the possiblities are unlimited. Remember that your research paper and project just need to be clearly linked. As a teacher, I like to see my students do something to help the commmunity. Could you volunteer at local agency for children in your community? You might also create a documentary or informational video for broadcast on your local community’s education channel.

  29. Samantha Says:

    i have to right my senior project proposel and i really dont know what to do if you have and thing pleas tell me about them….

    • hargraves Says:

      What are you interested in, Samantha? Do you have a career interest? Do you have a love for a particular kind of music, sport, or hobby? You should choose something that interests you. I am sure you could think of things you would NOT want to write about–this is your chance to think of something that you want to learn about.

      Let me know what you come up with.

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