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Beowulf Blog Question for January 8-13 January 8, 2008

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Discuss your reactions to the Beowulf epic.  Use any of the questions below to get your thoughts going: 

  • Is Beowulf a believable story? 
  • Is Grendel a believable character?  Is Beowulf a believable character?
  • What surprised most you about the epic? 
  • What does the hero Beowulf have in common with the hero you chose to discuss earlier?
  • Should this story be taught again?
  • Why do you think this story has survived the ages, maintaining its popularity?
  • So far, is British literature more interesting than American literature? 

At least ONE original comment on this discussion question is due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 13.  Feel feel to read your classmates’ responses and comment on them as well.  I look forward to reading what you have to say!


14 Responses to “Beowulf Blog Question for January 8-13”

  1. Amelia B! Says:

    I personally think that Beowulf is a believeable story. Grendel, is a believable character seen as a respectable, honest, and dependable. Beowulf, I think is symbolism used for the evil and corruption done within our everyday lives. The most surprising thing that I found in this epic so far was that Grendel actually defeated Beowulf. I say that because Beowulf was this creature whom seemingly was undeated and could not be destroyed by anyone or anything! The story should be taught again for the simple fact that everyone needs to be aware and embraces the different types of literature that has been written — thats the sole purpose of why it was written in the first place so that others can read it! I think that this story has survived and maintained it’s popularitty over the ages due to the fact of it’s content. People seemed to be attracted to the dangerous, wild, and unstable lifestyle of others. History in general is very interesting because it allows us to view how things were in the past so that it would be beneficial for our use in the future whether its for the better or worse. British literature is a class that I have been wanting to take for a period of time now and I think it just might be more interesting than American literature!

  2. D.Hines Says:

    I think that Beowulf may or may not be a believable story based on what culture you come from. For example some people believe in “ghost” and are scared of them while others find them as helpful spirits.

    I wouldnt say that Gredel is a believable character but I believe that the characteristics that he displays are.
    Some of these characteristics include fear, anger, and selfishness. I think that these characteristics help other people understand and maybe identify with the feelings that Grendel displays.

    I personally dont think that Beowulf is as believable character. To me Beowulf is a person who is portrayed as a hero but some of his actions might not be considered as noble as everyone makes it.

    I think that Beowulf and spiderman dont have much in common. The only thing that i see that they MIGHT share in common is their need to help people and rid evil of the world.

    I think that Beowulf should be taught in school because it doesnt seem boring.

    I think that Beowulf has survived the ages because its a story of action and adventure; if it was a boring monitone story we wouldnt even be talking aboutl it now.

    I definitely like Beowulf better than anything like “The Crucible.” Maybe i dont really like the Crucible because i was Abigail and I dont agree how she was portrayed. To me it was something like “The Scarlet Letter”; they placed all the blame on the women in the situation like she seduced John Proctor. I feel like you cant be seduced unless you allow yourself to be and it was wrong for the society to place all the blame on her.

  3. danimoonpie Says:

    Beowulf could be a believable story depending on the creativity of the readers mind. One who was a wild imagination and one that likes to run, it would be a believable story. I think the characters could be made up, with the personality types of people that were not well liked or low on the social chain. I believe that John Proctor and Beowulf have one major thing in common, loyalty. Honestly, I enjoyed The Crucible much more than this story thus far. The Crucible was much more enjoying and exciting. Also, we got to watch the movie after we read the play.

  4. hargraves Says:

    You have an avatar now, Danielle! Congratulations on being the first! Good on your press release in class today, by the way. The Crucible is one of my favorite works of literature, so I can understand where you are coming from. Just realize that epics and dramas are completely different genres. Dramas are much more intense, in my opinion! If you liked The Crucible, you might also enjoy The Glass Menagerie and Who’s Afraid of Viriginia Woolf?…maybe even Death of a Salesman. All of these are stellar American plays! We’ll do some drama later in the semester–but we’ll be doing Shakespeare. I hope you like it!

  5. Rainey T Says:

    *I don’t think Beowulf is a believable story to me because I don’t believe in monsters and the monster eats humans please.

    *Grendel is not a believable; he is a monster who eats human who is going to believe that? Beowulf can be believable because he is a hero to others

    *Nothing surprises me really about the epic because I’m not that interest in it.

    *My hero is the everyday person who has a job and trying to do right by society and themselves. I haven’t read that much about Beowulf but they can have some things in common.
    Should this story be taught again?
    *Yes I think this can be taught again, everything is not fun about school and we need to know about out history.

    *Yes I don’t think if the story had so much violence, it would not be as popular.

    *There’s nothing interesting about literature.

  6. danimoonpie Says:

    Thank you! I really love to blog. Its so much easier than writing down how you feel on paper.

    I’ve read and seen both The Glass Menagerie and Death of a Salesmen. I loved them both. I haven’t read Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? though. I’ll have to check that one out!

  7. Alysha D Says:

    Beowulf to a child may be believable. But since our audience is more mature and know that myths are fictional, it’s harder to believe that Beowulf is a believable story. Grendel is a believable character because he represents something everyone imagines or fears– a horrific thing. Beowulf is a believable character because he is a hero. You have to always believe in the hero in a story. The commonness Beowulf and my hero Batman share are skill in strength and intelligence. What surprised me most about the epic was the tearing off of Grendel’s arm. That was pretty magnificent. I think this story has survived the ages and mainted its popularity because it’s a worthwhile read; it’s an enjoyable, interesting epic that keeps your attention. I think British literature is better because the stories are more old and more intresting than American literature.

  8. Sandra Taylor Says:

    I don’t know about the characters being completely believable, but the morals of the story are. Such as good vs. evil, a hero rising above all odds. Both of those things are very relevant in today’s society. Beowulf hasn’t really surprised me that much, everyone I know has said good things about it and I have enjoyed it so far. I think that this story should keep being taught because it helps keep students interested during the class and broadens their imaginations. I think that the epic has stayed popular because it is interesting and exciting; it has a good plot and interesting characters, and it’s somewhat believable. I also think that British literature is a lot more interesting that American and I might consider taking British literature instead of American literature now.

  9. Kelsey Says:

    I believe at some point this was based on a true story. But over the time as it was passed via word of mouth, it becomes more exaggerated and more into the story it is now. As each generation would tell it, the story they heard would seem not exciting enough, so they would add in little details like, Grendel ate humans and lived underwater.

    I think this story should be taught again, it’s not the typical high school reading, it’s interesting, in a different format that many are use to and it always you to be imaginative.

    British litature is more creative but I’m not sure it’s more interesting. I’ve read a few books that have its own interesting factor, such as The Yellow Wallpaper and Les Miserables and 1984. It’s just a matter of style one prefers, the death and gore. Or more of the real issues many people face and fears of the future. (Yellow wallpaper – post partum depression, 1984 – fear of big brother.)

  10. Victoria W Says:

    I don’t believe the story is necessarily true but the Beowulf character is another story
    Grendel in my opinion is believable. He may have been a loner village person seen as a monster simply because no one took the time to get to know him.
    Beowulf could have been real being very strong and people fearing you is similar to modern day wrestlers or UFC.
    The way he killed Grendel by ripping his arm off was pretty lame in comparison to all the other ways the other could have killed him.
    Beowulf showed courage and family loyalty like the passengers of Flight 93.
    I personally don’t know enough about literature it could be an extrodinary story and basis. But, I would teach the story based on interest level.
    Because it shows the bravery and national pride represented still today.
    It is more interesting in the sense it contains more graphical details and fantasy like story line.

  11. Michelle Says:

    I belive Beowolf is a beliveable story because the humans follow the same behavior patterns as real people. The humans in the story fear Grendel because they do not know or understand what Grendel is. The story was written from the point of view of the Humans which only said Grendel was a evil monster, they never stopped to figure out exactly what Grendel was they just knew that he needed to be killed. Much like how people react to a new insect that it spreading disease they try to destroy it before they even know what it does or how it spreads the disease.

  12. Julie Says:

    I don’t really believe that Beowulf is a true story but Grendel and Beowulf are believable characters. Grendel could have been a scary looking guy who was big and hairy and liked eating people….hah. And Beowulf most definately could have been a noble hero who killed Grendel and his mother but I still don’t find this story to be true. I think this story should be taught again because it is very intersting and fun to read. Again, this story being interesting and fun is most likely why it has survived the ages and remained popular. It’s not boring at all. So far I am definately warming up to British literature more than I have with English literature.

  13. Justin Says:

    I think that for a younger person, a child, this story may seem believable, but for older people I do not think this story is believable. The goriness that is portrayed simply is not believable.

    I think that Grendel could be believable in some aspects, but not in all. Beowulf, however is believable… everyone wants a hero to believe in.

    I thought that the wording was going to be more difficult than it has actually been; it is really very easy to understand.

    He fights to the end for the things that he believes in and he fights for the good of people.

    I think this story should be taught again, because it is not the normal hum-drum literature that is taught sometimes.

    I think it has survived the ages and maintained it popularity because it is so vivid in the word imagery that is uses and the story is very interesting. However, if the story had not been written down, it may not have survived.

    So far, I think that British literature is much more interesting than American literature

  14. Amanda Hodge Says:

    I don’t believe Beowulf is very believable. Grendel is not a believable character just for the fact that he eats a bunch of humans. It doesn’t seem realistic in the least. Beowulf also portrays a fictional character for the fact that he fights Grendel. If man eating creatures like Grendel wouldn’t exist in reality then I don’t think that Beowulf could be any more real. I was surprised that Beowulf ripped off Grendel’s arm and his mother took it back. Beowulf doesn’t give up no matter what just like my hero, Ghandi. Sure, because it really makes you think about who are the bad guys and who aren’t. Just things like that. I think it’s popularity survived over the years just because it’s a good book. Absolutely. You wouldn’t get to see very much action and mythical creatures in American literature. I guess because old American literature was religion based. Mythical, gory stories would probably be looked down upon.

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