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Thursday and Friday, January 10-11 January 11, 2008

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Here’s what we did today (Friday):

  • Browsed for research paper resources in the library
  • Discussed potential research questions and projects
  • Completed MLA format bibilography cards (three due by 1-18)
  • Submitted revised Grendel’s press releases

REMINDER: Assignments are due at the BEGINNING of class.  Work not submitted at the BEGINNING of class is LATE.  Late work will be penalized.  This policy is nonnegotiable. 

Here’s what we did yesterday (Thursday):

  • Viewed and discussed Beowulf student-made films
  • Reviewed MLA format for Works Cited pages
  • Discussed effective research questions (narrow topics, “how” or “why” questions, orginality)
  • Talked about resource evaluation
  • Revisited potential topics and projects

 Have a wonderful weekend–see you Monday, Seniors! 


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