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January 14-18 Discussion Question January 14, 2008

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Most of Chaucer’s pilgrims are the kinds of people he would have known and perhaps even observed many times riding towards Canterbury on the old pilgrimage road.

 If you went on a tour today, what types of people would you expect to meet?

Your comment on this discussion question is due by Sunday, January 20.


11 Responses to “January 14-18 Discussion Question”

  1. Amanda Hodge Says:

    I’m not sure if that means where I live or somewhere else. I guess here, I would expect to see different people from all over the world. Probably mostly people in cars or something? Yeah, I would give a better response but I just wasn’t sure on how to interpret that question.

  2. Sandra Taylor Says:

    If I was to go on a tour through Goldsboro today, I would see many different kinds of people. People from different races, backgrounds, families and states. Some of these differences would be obvious such as race; while others would be much more hard to determine. These harder ones would be economic or political status. By taking a look at someone, you can guess what they make or who they would vote for, but it would only be a guess. I think touring and looking at people is much like looking at art. The artist, or the actual person, knows what the want you to see but you as an observer might not see what was intended for you to see.

  3. Bianca Says:

    If I went on a tour today I would expect to meet all kinds of people. I would meet poor and rich people. I would meet people of many races and religions living in the same area. In the days when the canterbury tales took place it was very exciting to meet someone from a another place. Most people stayed in the place they were born their entire lives. A tour today would provide me with observatons of people from completely different backgrounds than me. There is much more of achance to grow socially and culturally today than there was during Chaucer’s time.

  4. Alysha D Says:

    When I toured parts of Britain last summer, I fell in love with the people there. The Brits were very charismatic, friendly, and humorous. I would definitely love to go back to the U.K. and take in more of the culture from there again.

  5. missmisha3 Says:

    If i went on a tour in a town i was not familar with i would probably get lost very easily and i would expect to meet kind people that would show me the way to go and where to have a good time. I would want to meet somebody with a sence of humor and not serious and in a hurry. I would like to meet someone taking their time, being happy, and enjoying the day!

  6. Julie Says:

    If I went on a tour somewhere I would most meet many different kinds of people. They would all be different from me but at the same time, some of them could be very similar to me. I would meet people who looked different, talked different, walked different, dressed differently, ate different kinds of food, and had different interests. Some people would be very religious and some may not practice a religion at all. Some of them would be mean and some kind, some skinny, and some not, some with all different colors of skin and hair. Everyone today is so different from each other and no one person is the same as another, So who really knows what kind of people I would meet.

  7. jlk1007 Says:

    If I went on a tour of our city today, I would expect to see a lot of different kinds of peoples. Different races, personalities, status, political beliefs, and fashion sense. Some people would be nice, thoughtful, and willing to help others. Other people do not have these same qualities. Even though some people are bad and others are good, it is still what makes the world the place that it is. =]

  8. Michelle Says:

    If I took a tour around Goldsboro I would find lots of people unfortunately there would be no ninjas. Goldsboro does not have that interesting of people in my opinion they are neat and fun to be around but they can not compare to ninjas. I would find lots of different types of people, mainly average people that do average things. I would find some people that have done amazing things but not as amazing as the achievements of a ninja. I want to know if there are any ninjas in Goldsboro or surrounding areas.

  9. Kelsey Says:

    If i went on a tour today i would meet many people with the same goal. (Going on the tour together) Many of the people would probably have the same beliefs and goals, due to the fact they all are going on the tour. The poeple would come from all types of backgrounds and have way different histories. They would be from different birthplaces, have different ethnics and would be from different towns with many styles of living.

  10. danimoonpie Says:

    I know this is totally late but, I have toured New Orleans; and there was so many people from every walk of life there. You could tell who was a tourist, like me and who was a native New Orleans. Just by the way they acted, walked, and talked. What they ordered at restaurants and how they ordered. The time they went back to there hotels, before dark and the ones that stayed out, the natives. I think that the native hated the tourist. It ruined their way of life.

  11. Rainey T Says:

    If I went on a tour today I would find all types of people, that live in a society that is not crumbling. But I mean there still have to be some drama.

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