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Monday, January 14 January 14, 2008

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Today we had writing conferences for the Grendel’s press releases.  While writing conferences were going on, everyone worked on completing the prewriting chart and a rough draft for the Grendel’s Character Analysis writing assignment, which is explained on p. 40 in your literature book.  The prewriting and rough draft for this assignment are due tomorrow.

We did look at the blog discussion question responses today– your next discussion question response is due by next Sunday, January 20.  This question focuses on The Canterbury Tales, which I very briefly touched on today.  I pointed on some video clips on the blog related to The Canterbury Tales, and you are welcome to take a look at them if you’d like.

Tomorrow we will complete our reading of Beowulf, and there will be a open-book test on the epic on Wednesday.  We will begin The Canterbury Tales on Thursday and work on Senior Projects on Friday.  Have a great Monday!  See you tomorrow.


One Response to “Monday, January 14”

  1. Justin Says:

    (10:35AM, 1/15/2008)

    Ms. H-

    I am not feeling well today, that is why I will not be in your class.


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