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Discussion Question 1: January 28-February 3 January 27, 2008

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Which Canterbury Tales pilgrims were the most interesting to you?  (Choose at least two pilgrims.)  Why?  Explain. 

One comment on this discussion question is due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 3. 


9 Responses to “Discussion Question 1: January 28-February 3”

  1. Sandra Taylor Says:

    My personal favorite pilgrims were the Nun and the Merchant. I like how people had so much faith in them and how no one knew how corrupt they really were. Except for Chaucer. It’s interesting to see that whenever you take the time to actually look at someone you find out who they really are.

  2. danimoonpie Says:

    My favorite character is The Pardoner. I guess I like him so much because his story makes me laugh. I thought it was funny, and kinda cute in a sorta corrupt way.

    My second favorite character is The Miller. I like him because he was a redneck; and who can’t love a redneck. They’re so funny. And very smart!! lol

  3. Kelsey Says:

    My favs are the nun and the cook. Mostly cuz of their descriptions of the cooks food looking like his nsty scars or whatever he has and the nun of the irony of her postion but h actions.

  4. Rainey T Says:

    Since I did these two I chose the Squire and the Plowman. They have different but I like them both. One is a prince charming and sensitive and the other loves people and care for others.

  5. D.HiNES Says:

    My two favorite characters from the Canterbury tales were the Pardoner and the Doctor.

    I liked the pardoner because even though you should know that he was corrupt and didnt care that you knew it; he still had the influence to sell pardons to naive people and not care about anyone but himself. I think that the pardoner embodies some of the same evil in society that would allow someone to put first something that doesnt mean much of anything but would abandon helping someone who really is in need. The people who would rather flourish in monetary gain, rather than helping someone which can make them internally feel better.

    My other favorite character was The Doctor; I also did a puppet of the doctor. I liked the doctor again because he is supposed to be such an upstanding person as a doctor ;which is the general notion in society. The fact that he is not what is expected of him is important to me because I find it to be such a dissapointment when people actually discover the same kind of truths about the doctor about people in their lives that they love and trust. When I originally picked the doctor I thought this would be a simple project but once I read the description; his corruption was sickening to me. I just dont understand how he is supposed to help people but he continually makes people sick and has no moral conscience to see the error in this. I guess those really were the “Dark Ages.”

  6. Justin Says:

    I liked the pardoner and the franklin. Each were very interesting and showed different aspects of society. The pardoner was funny in the story and showed that corrupt people do things for good and bad. The franklin enjoyed having a lavish life full of nice things and many differnt foods.

  7. Bianca Says:

    My two favorites were the knight and the yeoman. I enjoyed these characters the most because they were both very simple and down to earth. Neither one was overly greedy, selfish, or deceitful. Both were humble and kind. They seemed like two individulas one would want to look to as an example.

  8. Michelle Says:

    My favorite characters were the Pardoner and the Wife of Bath. I liked the Pardoner because after his story about how greed killed the young men, he tried to sell his relics. I liked the Wife of Bath because she traveled so much, It was very unique for a woman to have traveled that far in that time so she is memorable.

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