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Macbeth Newscast February 28, 2008

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Students put finishing touches on their Macbeth newscasts today.  Some groups were having touble working with Windows Movie-Maker.  The program seemed to keep erasing files after storyboards were saved and/or published. 

One group did submit a final product today–their sound did not work out very well, but they did put forth a good effort.  Here’s a Macbeth newscast by Danielle, Alysha, Michelle, Amanda, Justin:¤t=MacbethNewscast.flv

All final newscasts are due by tomorrow.  I plan to have the class read Act III tomorrow. 


Discussion Question for February 26-March 2 February 26, 2008

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Looking at your graded research paper, what makes you feel proud?    

Do you plan to turn in a revision?  If so, when will you submit it?  What changes do you plan to make?

 Your response to this discussion question is due by March 2.


Monday and Tuesday, February 25-26

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Students had time to film their Macbeth newscasts today. 

I have returned graded research papers to all students who turned them in on time.  I will return late papers by the end of this week.

Research papers can be revised for a higher grade.  The research paper will count as the midterm for the third nine weeks.  If you would like a higher midterm grade, you must submit your revised research paper, original draft, and evaluation form BEFORE March 7.  I must have revisions before March 7 in order to record your higher grade for report card.

I will still accept revised research papers on March 7 and later, but the higher grade will not be reflected on the report card.  The higher grade will be reflected only in the final Senior Project grade.

Kudos to the class!  ALL of you turned in a research paper this semester.  I am very proud of this English IV Honors class!


Friday, February 22 February 22, 2008

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Here’s what we did in class today:

  • Submitted research papers
  • Completed Senior Project Proposals
  • Talked at length about projects and mentors
  • Viewed a music video clip and discussed its relevance to Macbeth
  • Worked in groups on the newscast assignment 

I am extremely pleased that nearly everyone in the class submitted a research paper today.  Only two people did not turn one in, and these individuals have promised to submit their papers to me on Monday.


Depeche Mode and Macbeth February 21, 2008

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(Pardon my strange sense of humor and love for 80’s music.) 


Thursday, February 21

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Students worked on scripts for the Macbeth Newscast today.

Research papers are due tomorrow. 


Wednesday, February 20 February 20, 2008

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We finished reading Act II today.  I was very impressed with the depth of discussion about Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s actions in this part of the play.

We then formed groups to begin working on the Act II Newscast.  I am very excited to see how these projects will turn out.

Reminder: Research Paper Final Drafts are due this Friday (in two days!).  Please don’t forget to turn your paper in.  I don’t want anyone to be penalized for lateness.

A final note: Any student who arrives after 11:00 a.m. will be marked absent.  Please be on time.  Thank you. 

See you tomorrow!