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Discussion Question: February 4-10 February 4, 2008

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By the end of this week, you should be in the final stages of completing the research paper draft.  Start thinking about your “project.”  At this point, what sort of outside/community project do you have in mind? 

Please share your thoughts by Sunday, February 10. 


10 Responses to “Discussion Question: February 4-10”

  1. Sandra Taylor Says:

    What type of community project is required?

  2. hargraves Says:

    Take a look at your Senior Project packet for ideas. Ask me this question again if you still don’t understand.

  3. Misha Says:

    i think im going to shadow my vet that i usually go to. im going to take pictures and keep a journal?

  4. Justin Says:

    For my project, I would like to shadow a buyer for a small retail company.

    Thanks, Ms. H, for spending 90 minutes helping me come to this conclusion. =]

  5. hargraves Says:

    Justin, I think shadowing a buyer would be a WONDERFUL project for you. I hope you will thank me in the end for pushing you to excel. This project has the potential to benefit you tremendously. I look forward to reading your research paper. I know that this project is important to you and that you care.

  6. danimoonpie Says:

    I’m thinking about the survey. It simple, yet really cool.

  7. AMELIA B! Says:

    i don’t really know what you are referring to either — but reading my peer’s responses — i would like to shadow someone within the criminal justice profession — like a lawyer, judge, or correctional officer…somewhere along those lines i suppose!

  8. D.HiNES Says:

    I’m not sure what i could do on a local level with the Zeta Phi Beta sorority. Maybe i could help a local chapter do a community service project sponsored by the sorority. Any ideas Ms. H?? Maybe I could also still worK with mr B. since he would know of any local activities and service projects in the community.

  9. Rainey T Says:

    For my project I can do my senior project in Kimora Lee Simmons newest clothing line, KLS.

  10. misha Says:

    My project will be shadowing a vet and keeping a journal. i probably will interview the vet and his employees.

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