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Paper Topics plus Ideas for Mentors and Projects February 7, 2008

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Paper Topic



Amelia Juvenile Delinquents: Why Harsher Sentencing is More Effective than Rehabilitation A Corrections Officer… Name? Job Shadowing?
Michelle The Rationale for Animal Testing A Research Scientist?See Mrs. Warren.  She has some ideas for you, Michelle. Job Shadowing at a Pharmaceutical Company?
Kelsey The Role of  Photojournalism During the Vietnam War Ken Derksen, Public Relations specialist for Wayne County Public Schools Job Shadowing?
Alysha How to Become a Professional Photographer A studio photographer/entrepreneur…. Name? Job Shadowing?
Rainey Kimora Lee Simmons: From Entrepreneur to Empire A local entrepreneurSee Mrs. Farwell.  She knows a local business owner who might be able to help you. Job shadowing?An original new business plan?
Daphne The Impact of Black Sororities on Local Communities A college Student Affairs Officer?…  Name?See Mrs. Johnson.  She has a great idea for you. Job Shadowing?
Bianca Margaret Mead: Her Influence on Modern Anthropology A college anthropology professor….  Name? Job shadowing?… Participation in a “dig”?
Sandra The Risk of Shark Attack in Eastern North Carolina A marine biologist?….  Name?See Mrs. Warren.  She has contacts at the NC Aquarium. Job Shadowing?
Amanda The History of the Skirt A seamstress?See Mrs. Grantham.  She may be able to help you.  Learn to make a skirt?
Justin The History of Denim A fashion merchandiser?See Mrs. Farwell.  She knows the buyer for Belk.  Job shadowing?
George LSD: A Harmful Drug A lawyer… Name? Job shadowing?
Danielle The Worldwide Fascination with Vampires A  sociology professor or biologist?See Mrs. Warren.  She may be able to help you (if you do something with bats). Job shadowing?… A Survey Study?… Something with bats?
Victoria The Benefits of Quality Child Care A licensed child care administrator Job shadowing
Demisha The Effects of Parvo on Dogs A veterinarian?See Mrs. Warren.  Her cousin is a veterinarian.  She has other ideas as well. Job shadowing?
Julie Reasons Why Opposites Attract A sociology professor?… A horoscope columnist?Maybe you can shadow a wedding planner or work with a marriage counselor.    A survey study?Job shadowing?

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