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Discussion Question for February 18-24 February 18, 2008

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Based upon your reading of Macbeth, Act I, who has the most influence on Macbeth so far–the witches, Lady Macbeth, or Macbeth himself?  Explain your opinion.

Your response to this question is due by Sunday, February 24.


12 Responses to “Discussion Question for February 18-24”

  1. Sandra Taylor Says:

    Hmm…tough question. I guess that you could say that each of these characters has a strong influence upon Macbeth. The three witches influence him by putting ideas into his head, his wife influences him by telling him how to live and who to be, and finally he influences himself by listening to his conscience and juggling around everyone’s ideas in his head.

  2. Bianca Says:

    I think that Lady Macbeth has the most influence on Macbeth because as we discussed in class today she knows what makes him tick. She knows what causes him to become upset. I think that Lady Macbeth is ruthless and therfore has no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to help Macbeth achieve what she wants for him and herself.

  3. AMELIA B! Says:

    i agree with both of my classmates — however i also agree to the fact that Lady Macbeth has the most influential spirit on her husband Macbeth due to the fact that are one married and two she has this perception that things should be left to her because she feel that her husband is incapable of being king — he’s apparently too nice!

  4. Rainey T Says:

    Lady MacBeth got it hands down, she is who wife who he gonna listen to more?

  5. Alysha D'Arco Says:

    It’s a tie between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s own ambitions. Macbeth has these witches building his hopes up, and he’s too much of a wuss to go through with things himself, so Lady Macbeth has to push him along.

  6. danimoonpie Says:

    I think all of them have a great amount of influence on Macbeth; even though all three different people do different things, they all effect him some how.

  7. victoria williams Says:

    I think that is wife has the most influence on him. She knows how to use him for her will whehter her will is his or not. She is manipulative and contradicting. She makes his decisions for him whether by manipulation or trickery.

  8. Julie. Says:

    I think that Lady Macbeth has the greatest influence of Macbeth because he starts to talk himself out of killing the king and then she talks him right back into it. It seems like he would do anything she said…like she has some power over him.

  9. Justin Says:

    I believe that lady macbeth has had the most influence over macbeth. He was thinking about killing the king, so that he could become king, but then he came to the realization that it was a bad thing and he talked himself out of doing it. Then the lady comes along and gets him to do it in the end. Lady macbeth has the most influence.

  10. D.Hines Says:

    I dont believe anyone is fully responsible for influencing McBeth; everyone influenced him in their own way.If I had to choose, Lady McBeth was probably the most influencial overall. She probably had the most influence over him because of the fact that she is his wife. When you marry someone you accept them for good or bad; you help and love them through thick and thin. You are supposed to be able to trust this person with the notion that they only want best for you. I do not fault McBeth for being influenced by his wife because that is something that happens in most relationships. Eventhough Lady McBeth is conniving, manipulating, and cold I think she had in mind what was best for her husband.

  11. Amanda Hodge Says:

    I think Lady Macbeth does. She knows about him more than anyone else, I believe. She a lot of influence over Macbeth killing Duncan. Judging by the way he spoke too, he wasn’t going to actually go through with it. It was Lady Macbeth that influenced him to do it when she talekd about it.

  12. Michelle Says:

    Macbeth was most Influenced by the witches. He made the choice to kill the King based on what the witches told him. He was influnced by the witches and the witches influnced those around him to make Macbeth want to kill the King.

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