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Macbeth Newscast Assignment February 19, 2008

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Part 1   (25%)

Form groups of five.  Each group member should select one of the following roles to perform:

  • Anchor
  • Live Reporter
  • Meteorologist
  • Eye Witness
  • Character from play

Part 2   (25%)

You and your group must write a script for a brief newscast based on the events in Macbeth, Act II.  All parts of your newscast must clearly relate to and demonstrate your understanding of the events in the play.  Your newscast must include the following elements:

  • Headlines
  • Top Story
  • Breaking News
  • Commercial
  • Weather Report
  • Feature Story

Part 3   (25%)

You and your group must act out your script.  Use a digital camera to film the acting.  Try a program like Windows Movie-Maker to edit and produce the film.  Your final video must include the following features:

  • Theme music for newscast
  • TV Station name
  • End Credits

Part 4   (25%)

You and your group must upload your newscast video to a free file-hosting website like YouTube or Google Video.  Follow the steps below so that your video is easy to locate:

  1. Give your video this title: Macbeth Newscast
  2. Use BOTH of the following tags: WEMCHS, Ms. Hargraves
  3. Show your uploaded video to me so that I can embed the code in the class blog.

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