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Discussion Question for February 26-March 2 February 26, 2008

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Looking at your graded research paper, what makes you feel proud?    

Do you plan to turn in a revision?  If so, when will you submit it?  What changes do you plan to make?

 Your response to this discussion question is due by March 2.


12 Responses to “Discussion Question for February 26-March 2”

  1. Sandra Taylor Says:

    I’m pretty proud of how I did on my paper. I know that I could have tried a lot harder and made it better if I had of spent more time on it though…I am most proud of the fact that I only had three contractions in it. That sounds silly, but when I write usually it is a lot more than that.
    I do plan on writing a revision and having it by the end of the week or by Monday. I am going to change all the mistakes on the paper that Miss Hargraves pointed out. : )

  2. danimoonpie Says:

    I am very proud on how I did on my research paper, considering how much I stressed out over it. I want a better grade, so I do plan to revise it. I plan on turning it this Friday, or sooner. I need to fix my outline. In my paper I had some spelling issues, some abbreviation, and some contractions.

  3. AMELIA B! Says:

    I’m just glad the “hard part” is done with. I’m pleased with my paper because my corrections were very minor so if i turn in my revision which I plan to have by no later than Monday then I will receive my A! I’m excited about this project…or is my excitement just because my birthday is tomorrow? Hmmmm…lol.

    thanks 4 everything Ms. Hargraves — you are good to us!

  4. hargraves Says:

    Good job, girls! Happy Birthday, Amelia! : )

  5. Victoria Williams Says:

    I have a lot of revisions for my paper. I felt very confident when I turned it in but now I feel like I have amillion things to do to revise it. PS. Im not coming today because my medication is making me really sick. I promise ill be there tomorrow no matter what.

  6. hargraves Says:

    Okay, Victoria! We missed you today. Julie was not here either. However, George, Sandra, and Misha showed the class your group’s progress on the Macbeth newscast, and everyone was really impressed! I can’t wait to see the final product tomorrow. I hope you feel better. See you tomorrow.

  7. D.HiNES Says:

    I am very proud of my research paper;
    I did not realize how far i had come with my writing abilities until Hargraves pointed it out.
    The only things Ms. Hargraves really pointed out were that i needed a introduction paragraph and a do some formatting. Since i recently received more books on the subject i plan to add at least 10-15 more note cards to my paper.

  8. Bianca Says:

    I was proud of how much i learned about my subject. I really enjoy learning about people, so i was really glad that Margaret Mead turned out to be such an interesting person. i do plan on revising my paper for a better grade and I will turn it in no later than this friday.

  9. Kelsey Says:

    I am okay with my paper. It took till the end of my paper to realize that all the info i found really changed my topic. It got harder at the end beause I didn’t have anything to write about the last bullet in my outline cuz all the evidence disproved it. So, i need to change my ending.. well, really, make an ending. maybe change my outline to more detail, take away some contractions. I’m really aiming for an A.

  10. Amanda Hodge Says:

    Looking at your graded research paper, what makes you feel proud?

    Do you plan to turn in a revision? If so, when will you submit it? What changes do you plan to make?

    Probably the fact that I put a lot of time into it. But also because I feel that I made it flow well. Yes, I do plan to return one. I’ll have it completely done by Tuesday. Sorry for the wait. I definitely plan to make a new works cited and do the MLA format the right way. Speaking of which, I’ll probably ask for your help on that because I looked it up and I’m not really getting anywhere. I’m working on making it a little bit longer and rephrasing sentences right now.

  11. Justin Says:

    I feel proud that I finally turned in my paper and that I got a decent grade. I will be making revisions to my paper for a higher grade, I plan on submiting it March 6. I plan on making changes to the orginization of the paper and dealing with a few grammar and other simple issues.

    Late. Sorry. 😦

  12. Rainey T Says:

    I’m proud of the fact that I turned my paper on timw with enough pages but I do plan on doing more work on the paper.

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