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Monday and Tuesday, February 25-26 February 26, 2008

Filed under: Agenda — hargraves @ 11:30 am

Students had time to film their Macbeth newscasts today. 

I have returned graded research papers to all students who turned them in on time.  I will return late papers by the end of this week.

Research papers can be revised for a higher grade.  The research paper will count as the midterm for the third nine weeks.  If you would like a higher midterm grade, you must submit your revised research paper, original draft, and evaluation form BEFORE March 7.  I must have revisions before March 7 in order to record your higher grade for report card.

I will still accept revised research papers on March 7 and later, but the higher grade will not be reflected on the report card.  The higher grade will be reflected only in the final Senior Project grade.

Kudos to the class!  ALL of you turned in a research paper this semester.  I am very proud of this English IV Honors class!


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