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Thursday, March 6 March 6, 2008

Filed under: Agenda — hargraves @ 11:52 am

Today we finished viewing Macbeth, Act III.  We then began three assignments that we will complete tomorrow:

  1. Finish reading Act III, Scenes 6-5
  2. Trace one motif as it appears throughout the play so far.  Create a visual representing this motif.  Include illustrations, symbols, and quotations in your visual.  You can choose from the following motifs:
    • blood
    • death
    • sleeplessness
    • guilt
    • hypocrisy
    • insanity
    • manliness
    • ambition
    • equivocation
    • hell
    • disorder
  3. Read Act IV, Scene 1.  Create a drawing of the witches’ cauldron.  Include all of the ingredients in the cauldron and label each of them. 

Be prepared to discuss and present your cauldron and motifs on Monday.  Daphne has volunteered to go to Hocutt to get more markers if necessary.

I will not be here on Friday.  Have fun working on these assignments.  I will see all of you on Monday!  Have a great weekend. 


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