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Discussion Question for March 10-16 March 12, 2008

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If you were going to compile a soundtrack for Macbeth, what songs would you include?  Why?  Identify at least five songs you would choose and explain your choices. 

Your response to this discussion question is due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 16. 


8 Responses to “Discussion Question for March 10-16”

  1. Victoria W Says:

    This is really tough because I relate better to movies I enjoy more. Although, if I had to chose my five songs would be

    1. Excuses and Betrayal by Suretta war tactics song
    2. Pills by Suretta suicide of macbeths wife
    3. Stronger by K. West this plays during Macduff finding out about the death of his family.
    To be honest I can not think of any other songs because Im not really into music other than country.

  2. Sandra Taylor Says:

    I soundtrack for Macbeth would be hard…I don’t listen to a whole lot of music, especially music that has to do with death and killing and murder and what not…but I guess some good songs would be:
    1. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence because I’m sure all the people who dies in the play would like to have a second chance.
    2. No Air by Jordan Sparks just because it’s ironic lol
    3. Here Without You by Three Doors Down for when Macduff leaves his family and finds out they have been killed

    Those are all the songs I can think of right now. Victoria had some good ones too though.

  3. Bianca Says:

    1. Apologise by One republic because it was too late for macbeth to regret the deed (killing duncan) once it was done
    2. Big Grils dont cry by Fergie for lady macbeth when shes telling macbeth that he needs to control himself
    3. Closing in by Imogen Heap because it talks about an event thats coming and no one can stop it
    4. Predictable by Good Charlotte for when the nobles are discussing duncans murder
    5. Ill still kill by 50 cent and Akon for when macbeth is having macduffs family killed

  4. danimoonpie Says:

    1. American Witch by Rob Zombie [about the Salem witch trails, so about witches like in the movie]
    2. The City is at War by Cobra Starship [It’s a song about the people in the city are very corrupted]
    3. Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach [I think the title explains it all]
    4. Figured You Out by Nickelback [When Macduff figures out who killed the king]
    5. Weak & Powerless by Perfect Circle [at the end of the movie when Macbeth is completely surrounded by the army]

  5. Kelsey Says:

    For my 5 songs i would choose:

    1. “The Kill” by 30 seconds to mars .. about macbeth killing poeple. Pretty self explanitory.
    2. “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm.. Macbeth and Lady Mac thought that they were so smooth when they killed Duncan.
    3. “Dead bodies everywhere” by Korn. Yeah, there were alot of dead people in that play.
    4. “Like a boy” by Ciara.. she wanted to be like a man when she says “unsex me”
    5. “Ten thousand fists” or “Land of Confusion” by disturbed.. when the army was comming to fight / kill Macbeth.
    6. “When they come for me” by Lil Wayne.. when Macduff comes to kill Macbeth.

  6. D!HiNES Says:

    One Republic feat.Timbaland

    In the end nothing can save MacBeth and ” its too late to apologize.”

    “It ends tonight”
    All American Rejects

    I feel like this song would be at the end of the movie when MacBeth has to fight McDuff because this is the final showdown and the whole situation of the play” Ends tonight.”

    “I’ll follow you into the dark”
    Deathcab For Cutie

    I would choose this song because it is about true devotion in a relationship. I feel that this song describes the devotion between MacBeth and his wife; Lady Macbeth. I thin the song describes their relationship because he is willing to go along with anything that his wife says because he trust her.

    “Gimme more”
    Brittney Spears

    I think this song symbolizes MacBeth’s lust for power because even when he is a respected member in the community;
    he still wants more. Just because the witches forsee him as king did not mean he had to go through with such acts as killing for power.

    “Me myself and I”

    In the end I feel like saids what is always true in the end for MacBeth; noone was there to help him in the end not even his wife, Lady MacBeth.

    “Today was a good day”
    Ice Cube

    I think this is a good song for MacBeth’s moment as king because what he thinks is going to be good turns out to not be so good.

  7. AMELIA B! Says:

    Um…this is really serious! How do you come up with these things? LOL!

    1. Ready or Not — Fugees (Inference to killings)
    2. I’m So Hood — T-Pain and others (inference to Macbeth)
    3. Rock Bottom — Pleasure and Lil Wayne (inference to
    Macbeth when he lost his sanity)
    4. The Baddest Chick — Trina (inference to Lady Macbeth)
    5. Who Is That — T-Pain (inference to the whole cast)
    6. I Feel Like Dying — Lil Wayne (inference to Macbeth and his

  8. Rainey T Says:

    *Hustlin-Rick Ross (for Macbeth)
    *Baby-Ashanti (for Lady Macbeth)
    *I Apologize-Akon (Macbeth)
    *Gimme Mora-Brittney Spears (Macbeth)
    *Got Em Hatin-PLies (For Macbeth)

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