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Six Techniques to Get more from the Web than Google will Tell you February 14, 2008

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Research Paper Rough Draft Requirements February 11, 2008

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Above is a link to a paper that is correctly formatted.


Friday, February 1 February 1, 2008

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If you were absent today, here’s what you missed:

  1. Chaucer test
  2. Notebook check
  3. Note cards check

We’ll be working on the research paper all next week.  I gave some deadlines today.  Here they are:

  • 1-25 Five bibliography cards (already checked)
  • 1-25 Preliminary thesis/research question (already checked)
  • 2-1 Twenty-five note cards
  • 2-5 Preliminary outline
  • 2-6 Final thesis statement and 50 notecards
  • 2-8 Final outline and Works Cited page
  • 2-15 Rough draft and in-class peer editing
  • 2-22 Final draft
  • 2-29 Revised final draft (for a higher paper grade)

March will be devoted to the community project and the portfolio.  We’ll begin working on our PowerPoint presentations and speeches some time in April. Presentations will take place in May. 


Thursday and Friday, January 10-11 January 11, 2008

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Here’s what we did today (Friday):

  • Browsed for research paper resources in the library
  • Discussed potential research questions and projects
  • Completed MLA format bibilography cards (three due by 1-18)
  • Submitted revised Grendel’s press releases

REMINDER: Assignments are due at the BEGINNING of class.  Work not submitted at the BEGINNING of class is LATE.  Late work will be penalized.  This policy is nonnegotiable. 

Here’s what we did yesterday (Thursday):

  • Viewed and discussed Beowulf student-made films
  • Reviewed MLA format for Works Cited pages
  • Discussed effective research questions (narrow topics, “how” or “why” questions, orginality)
  • Talked about resource evaluation
  • Revisited potential topics and projects

 Have a wonderful weekend–see you Monday, Seniors! 


MLA Format Guide January 10, 2008

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Three bibliography cards are due by next Friday, January 18.  Use the website above or your literature book to find the correct format for citing each source.


Senior Project Topic Discussion January 3, 2008

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What Senior Project topics interest you right now?  Why might these be good topics?  Why do these topics interest you? 

Tell about two or three topics that might lead to a good paper and a good project.