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Research Paper Rough Draft Requirements February 11, 2008

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Above is a link to a paper that is correctly formatted.


Paper Topics plus Ideas for Mentors and Projects February 7, 2008

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Paper Topic



Amelia Juvenile Delinquents: Why Harsher Sentencing is More Effective than Rehabilitation A Corrections Officer… Name? Job Shadowing?
Michelle The Rationale for Animal Testing A Research Scientist?See Mrs. Warren.  She has some ideas for you, Michelle. Job Shadowing at a Pharmaceutical Company?
Kelsey The Role of  Photojournalism During the Vietnam War Ken Derksen, Public Relations specialist for Wayne County Public Schools Job Shadowing?
Alysha How to Become a Professional Photographer A studio photographer/entrepreneur…. Name? Job Shadowing?
Rainey Kimora Lee Simmons: From Entrepreneur to Empire A local entrepreneurSee Mrs. Farwell.  She knows a local business owner who might be able to help you. Job shadowing?An original new business plan?
Daphne The Impact of Black Sororities on Local Communities A college Student Affairs Officer?…  Name?See Mrs. Johnson.  She has a great idea for you. Job Shadowing?
Bianca Margaret Mead: Her Influence on Modern Anthropology A college anthropology professor….  Name? Job shadowing?… Participation in a “dig”?
Sandra The Risk of Shark Attack in Eastern North Carolina A marine biologist?….  Name?See Mrs. Warren.  She has contacts at the NC Aquarium. Job Shadowing?
Amanda The History of the Skirt A seamstress?See Mrs. Grantham.  She may be able to help you.  Learn to make a skirt?
Justin The History of Denim A fashion merchandiser?See Mrs. Farwell.  She knows the buyer for Belk.  Job shadowing?
George LSD: A Harmful Drug A lawyer… Name? Job shadowing?
Danielle The Worldwide Fascination with Vampires A  sociology professor or biologist?See Mrs. Warren.  She may be able to help you (if you do something with bats). Job shadowing?… A Survey Study?… Something with bats?
Victoria The Benefits of Quality Child Care A licensed child care administrator Job shadowing
Demisha The Effects of Parvo on Dogs A veterinarian?See Mrs. Warren.  Her cousin is a veterinarian.  She has other ideas as well. Job shadowing?
Julie Reasons Why Opposites Attract A sociology professor?… A horoscope columnist?Maybe you can shadow a wedding planner or work with a marriage counselor.    A survey study?Job shadowing?

Friday, February 1 February 1, 2008

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If you were absent today, here’s what you missed:

  1. Chaucer test
  2. Notebook check
  3. Note cards check

We’ll be working on the research paper all next week.  I gave some deadlines today.  Here they are:

  • 1-25 Five bibliography cards (already checked)
  • 1-25 Preliminary thesis/research question (already checked)
  • 2-1 Twenty-five note cards
  • 2-5 Preliminary outline
  • 2-6 Final thesis statement and 50 notecards
  • 2-8 Final outline and Works Cited page
  • 2-15 Rough draft and in-class peer editing
  • 2-22 Final draft
  • 2-29 Revised final draft (for a higher paper grade)

March will be devoted to the community project and the portfolio.  We’ll begin working on our PowerPoint presentations and speeches some time in April. Presentations will take place in May. 


Senior Project Topic Discussion January 3, 2008

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What Senior Project topics interest you right now?  Why might these be good topics?  Why do these topics interest you? 

Tell about two or three topics that might lead to a good paper and a good project. 


Senior Project Update December 4, 2007

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The date for the final Senior Project Presentation has changed.  Your presentations will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2007.  That gives us about a week for lots of practice and those final finishing touches. 

 Your portfolios and completed PowerPoint presentations are still due on Monday, December 10.

The schedule for Senior Project presentations is listed below.  Be sure to arrive at the Tiered Lecture Hall ready to present at least 20 minutes prior to your designated time.

Morning Session:

10:00  Judges’ Orientation

10:30  April–The Obesity Epidemic

10:50  Victoria C.–Children’s Youth Ministry: A Complex, Rewarding Career

11:10  Hannah–1960’s Fashion

11:30  Brittney–Careers in Cosmetology

11:50  Marina–Hallucinogens

12:10  Victoria F.–Medical Marijuana

Afternoon Session

1:30  Judges’ Orientation

2:00  Jacob–Martial Arts

2:20  Andy–The Death of the Radio Industry

2:40  Ryan–Constructing a Skateboard

3:00  Blake–Fountain Powerboats

3:20  Marquis–Genocide

There’s one more thing I’d like for you to do in the next few days… come up with a catchy title for your presentation.

Continue to perfect your PowerPoint presentations, write your speeches on note cards, assemble your portfolios, and… practice, practice, practice.      


Another PowerPoint Presentation from Last Semester November 21, 2007

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Senior Project Presentations November 20, 2007

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Here are some examples of excellent PowerPoint presentations from last year’s seniors: