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Canterbury Tales Pilgrims Assignments January 17, 2008

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This assignment will count as a test grade.  You may earn 10 extra points for creating a second character.  Your second character may be any character you choose.  You may earn up to 110 for this assignment. 

The Knight (and the Yeoman for extra credit)–Bianca

The Squire–George

The Nun (and the Monk for extra credit)–Victoria

The Friar (and the Cook for extra credit)–Amanda

The Merchant (and the Miller for extra credit)–Sandra

The Franklin (and the Oxford Cleric for extra credit)–Misha

The Lawyer (and the Wife of Bath for extra credit)–Amelia

The Skipper (and the Summoner for extra credit)–Julie

The Doctor–Daphne

The Wife of Bath (and the Nun for extra credit)–Michelle

The Parson (and the Miller for extra credit)–Dani

The Plowman (and the Squire for extra credit)–Rainey

The Reeve (and the Manciple for extra credit)–Kelsey

The Summoner (and the Wife of Bath for extra credit)–Alysha

The Pardoner (and the Franklin for extra credit)–Justin


January 14-18 Discussion Question January 14, 2008

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Most of Chaucer’s pilgrims are the kinds of people he would have known and perhaps even observed many times riding towards Canterbury on the old pilgrimage road.

 If you went on a tour today, what types of people would you expect to meet?

Your comment on this discussion question is due by Sunday, January 20.


Another Version of The Pardoner’s Tale January 10, 2008

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Modern Adaptation of The Wife of Bath’s Tale

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Rap: The Pardoner’s Tale

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Introduction to The Canterbury Tales

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The Plague

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