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New Beowulf Film November 19, 2007

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Have any of you seen the new Beowulf film?  If so, did you like it?  How did it compare with the original text? 

Here’s a link to the Beowulf film trailer website:

Here’s a link to the original text of the epic: (Old English) (modern translation) 

You can hear part of Beowulf in Old English here:


Gulliver’s Travels

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We have been studying the eighteenth century and satire.  Today we viewed part of the second half of the film Gulliver’s Travels.  We began class by discussing the historical context that informed Jonathan’s Swift’s thinking behind his travel narrative.  We ended class by coming very near to the end of Gulliver’s adventure in the land of Houyhnhnms. 

 Our study of this film serves a three-part purpose.  First, students receive exposure to one film director’s interpretation of a major literary work.  Second, they have the opportunity the film as a vehicle for writing a critical film review.  Finally, students get their first taste of Swift’s satires… we will continue our study of Jonathan Swift after Thanksgiving, when we read his “A Modest Proposal.”      

For quick information about Gulliver’s Travels, visit the link below (I am slowly gaining confidence in Wikipedia after attending a literacy conference hosted by the Friday Institute last week):’s_Travels

If you’d like to read Gulliver’s Travels in its entirety, go to this link for an electronic edition: