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Senior Project Update December 4, 2007

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The date for the final Senior Project Presentation has changed.  Your presentations will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2007.  That gives us about a week for lots of practice and those final finishing touches. 

 Your portfolios and completed PowerPoint presentations are still due on Monday, December 10.

The schedule for Senior Project presentations is listed below.  Be sure to arrive at the Tiered Lecture Hall ready to present at least 20 minutes prior to your designated time.

Morning Session:

10:00  Judges’ Orientation

10:30  April–The Obesity Epidemic

10:50  Victoria C.–Children’s Youth Ministry: A Complex, Rewarding Career

11:10  Hannah–1960’s Fashion

11:30  Brittney–Careers in Cosmetology

11:50  Marina–Hallucinogens

12:10  Victoria F.–Medical Marijuana

Afternoon Session

1:30  Judges’ Orientation

2:00  Jacob–Martial Arts

2:20  Andy–The Death of the Radio Industry

2:40  Ryan–Constructing a Skateboard

3:00  Blake–Fountain Powerboats

3:20  Marquis–Genocide

There’s one more thing I’d like for you to do in the next few days… come up with a catchy title for your presentation.

Continue to perfect your PowerPoint presentations, write your speeches on note cards, assemble your portfolios, and… practice, practice, practice.      


Senior Project Presentations November 20, 2007

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Here are some examples of excellent PowerPoint presentations from last year’s seniors:




What are Senior Projects? November 19, 2007

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Because our school embraces the principles of rigor, relevance, and relationships, and because our school embraces project-based, inquiry-based, and work-based learning, the Senior Project is a course requirement for students enrolled in English IV Honors at Wayne Early/Middle College High School.  The Senior Project serves as the final exam for the class, and it consists of the following four components:

1. An 8-12 page MLA research paper on a topic of the student’s choice

2. A physical product completed with an expert mentor from the community

3. A portfolio highlighting the Senior Project experience

4. An 8-10 minute presentation before a panel of judges selected from the community

Each of the above four components contributes equally to the final Senior Project grade.  The model for the Senior Project as it exists now comes from colleagues of mine who have been trained by the official Senior Project Center.  Here is a link to the official Senior Project home page, where you can read more about the philosophy and rationale behind the project: 

In the next few years, Wayne Early/Middle College High School, in accordance with state and local initiatives, will be moving towards the North Carolina Graduation Project guidelines, which are outlined on DPI’s website, here:

The Senior Project as it exists now at Wayne Early/Middle College High School is very similar to the North Carolina Graduation Project, and only slight changes will be made.  Teachers are invited to contact me for more information about our successes with this culminating project in its current stage of implementation.  Though I have over nine years of experience working with this project, I also welcome suggestions and ideas from anyone who can help improve our current process. 


Senior Project Presentations

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Students:  Senior Project presentations are scheduled for December 12.  You will present your papers, portfolios, and projects in a speech accompanied by a multimedia display.  Judges selected from the community will evaluate your presentation and ask you questions.

Please wear business/professional dress on presentation day.  Your speech should be written on note cards, but you should know it so well you have it almost memorized.  Your PowerPoint presentation and portfolio (including product evaluation form signed by your mentor) should be submitted to me in their final, edited forms by December 10.

Feel free to invite your mentors and your parents to your presentation.  This is an important event in your senior year, and I will make sure we get plenty of photos of you on your special day.  I look forward to your success!